This New “Vegan Lifestyle” Thing I’m Doing…


Yo, I know it’s been awhile! So for the past three months I have been transitioning into a vegan lifestyle. This lifestyle has been of my interest since high school, but lacking the resources and information on how to begin has prolonged the beginning of my journey until now. 

The beginning of this semester I eliminated meat and dairy from my diet. A bit insane you think? This was the perfect time to begin because I live off campus now and have my own space and funds to make these decisions. My roommate happened to be a vegetarian, so there wasn’t much temptation around the house!

As most, being a broke college student I was concerned about the financial aspect of veganism. I discovered that it’s extremely affordable shopping at Aldi! Naturally, I had a few mishaps with eating products that contains dairy and ate fish a few times (vegan twitter would rant about that).

This lifestyle is helping me become more conscious of the foods and products I choose to put in and on my body. As it has a positive impact on the environment, my physical, mental and spiritual health. I still have a lot to learn, but I can offer tips and resources on how you can begin your journey. However, keep in mind that it’s essential to go at your own pace and discover what works best for you.


  1. Quinoa, pinto beans, sautéed spinach, avocado on toasted wheat wrap.
  2. Organic spinach leaves, organic arugula, cucumbers, green peppers, onion, and avocados with garlic vinaigrette dressing.
  3. Kale, banana, blueberries, almond milk, ice & flax seeds.

Transferring to a university in the Midwest…

I realized how much I’ve been affected by depression and anxiety ever since I transferred to this university. At my previous university, I held three leadership positions. I was actively involved in different organizations. I developed and maintained multiple meaningful connections. I was extremely focused. I studied for long periods of time and my gpa was superb. My dorm was near a beach and a small park and I’d walk through there several times a week. I felt at peace and truly happy. I never felt so free and completely proud of myself. However, my biggest concern was the price of tuition and how much debt I would accumulate after graduating. That’s when I think I got a little ahead of myself and thought I needed to further my academic pursuits elsewhere.

So, I decided to transfer after the completion of my first year. The university that I’m at now is two times the size of my previous one. It’s definitely much more affordable. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity for me to challenge myself and step even further out of my comfort zone. I can admit it has definitely been one of the most challenging transitions. I’m almost done with my second semester here and I’m still struggling to find my place within this university. Several conflicts outside of school contributed to this displacement as well.

I try not to have any regrets, but this one is going to be the toughest to let go of. Right now I’m trying to focus on alleviating stress and seek opportunities that’ll help me get back to that stellar, confident, enthusiastic and motivated girl I was. I know she’s still there and will excel at this university. She’s going to blossom into an even more outstanding student and person. She’s slowly coming back. I’m being patient with her.


Solitude is nourishment for my introverted soul.

To deny myself this alone time is negligence.

I need this time to recharge in quietness.

Slow my mind down a bit.

Crawl back into myself,

To introspect

& make sure I let loose of all those energies I’ve gained from interacting.

I got to step back

& shut the world out.

Sometimes it takes a few hours

But most times it takes a few days for me to become social again.

This solitude is nourishment for my soul

Wouldn’t be able to function without it. 

You Made It.

Time has been flying by for me. Perhaps, you feel the same way? I didn’t realize that in a few hours we will be entering a new month. I took sometime to reflect and acknowledge all the growth that has taken place for me throughout this month. Also, I want congratulate you for making it through another month. The challenges we face throughout life can easily make it difficult for each of us to keep going. But, you made it. 

Thank you for pushing past those negative voices in your head and deciding that you’re no longer going to sink into those thoughts. Thank you for trying each and everyday to become a better person. Thank you for sticking to your desires to live a more healthy holistic lifestyle. Thank you for making it through this month. The universe is thankful for you. 

As this new month settles in let’s continue to take care of our mind, body and spirit. Wishing everlasting peace, joy and health unto you all.