pharmaceutical industry is profiting billions of dollars,

from these diseases that can be reversed with a simple change in diet.

stop poisoning your body.

turn to plant-based foods & you’ll begin to feel better.

it’ll help unify your mind, body and soul.

you’ll feel lighter & have a clearer few of the world.

innocent animals get to live their life without harm.

changing your diet saves the planet too.

livestock consumes a lot of energy & creates pollution.

but if you change your diet you’ll reverse that & conserve water too.

so do you have the willpower to take the initiative to save your own life?

do you have the willpower to stop contributing to the killing of innocent animals?

i like being alone,

but i wouldn’t mind being alone with you.

sharing solitude,

in a candle lit room.

just vibin’ as the speaker blasts our favorite tunes.

watch the sunset,

then maybe gaze into the moon.

perhaps we could forget all the craziness in the world too.

let it just be me & you,

it doesn’t even gotta be sexual.

only conversations that stimulates our intellectual.

is this something you’d be down to do?

Love Lost.

I never used to like holding hands 

because  they would always get clammy from the nervousness 

but to feel the warmth & closeness of another person 

is all I’ve ever desired because of you.

you’d trace your fingertips across my face & stare deeply into my eyes 

the most intimate I’ve ever been 

& I’ve been searching for that same feeling ever since

you loved so gracefully

with your whole heart & soul, unconditionally.

at the time I wasn’t able to fully express how much you meant to me 

but I thought you could see how my eyes lit up whenever you entered the room

I thought you could hear my heart pumping rapidly underneath my shirt whenever I kissed you

I thought you could feel the fire you ignited within my soul whenever you hugged me

I thought you could smell the scent of bitterness escape every broken part of me you’ve touched 

I guess that just wasn’t enough

I know you deserved to be told every morning  how golden you are.

the love I have for you will never depart

no matter the distance or how far we’ve grown apart 

a letter to a love lost.


toughest times sparked my greatest creativity 

so I never abhor my tribulations because they always revealed the best parts of me

best parts of me that were hard to see

hidden beneath insecurities,
developed subconsciously.

analyzed the societal lies & prophecies. 

which led me closer to my godly.

I had to keep digging deep

until it soared & seeped through me.