You Made It.

Time has been flying by for me. Perhaps, you feel the same way? I didn’t realize that in a few hours we will be entering a new month. I took sometime to reflect and acknowledge all the growth that has taken place for me throughout this month. Also, I want congratulate you for making it through another month. The challenges we face throughout life can easily make it difficult for each of us to keep going. But, you made it. 

Thank you for pushing past those negative voices in your head and deciding that you’re no longer going to sink into those thoughts. Thank you for trying each and everyday to become a better person. Thank you for sticking to your desires to live a more healthy holistic lifestyle. Thank you for making it through this month. The universe is thankful for you. 

As this new month settles in let’s continue to take care of our mind, body and spirit. Wishing everlasting peace, joy and health unto you all. 

pharmaceutical industry is profiting billions of dollars,

from these diseases that can be reversed with a simple change in diet.

stop poisoning your body.

turn to plant-based foods & you’ll begin to feel better.

it’ll help unify your mind, body and soul.

you’ll feel lighter & have a clearer few of the world.

innocent animals get to live their life without harm.

changing your diet saves the planet too.

livestock consumes a lot of energy & creates pollution.

but if you change your diet you’ll reverse that & conserve water too.

so do you have the willpower to take the initiative to save your own life?

do you have the willpower to stop contributing to the killing of innocent animals?